'The long acre' thing?

So what's the business with the 'Long acre' thing, you say?
Well, back in the 'Old days', before Facebook, mobile phones, soy latte's and ...sugar?

In Ireland, the grass at the side of the road was called 'The long acre', the people could graze animals there, if they didn't have any land, it was free breakfast, lunch and dinner moo cow style!

The children would mind the cow, it was before the car, so there was no danger of being hit by a 2 tonne truck
The cow gave the milk, (willingly i'm told) the people made butter and hey presto, you could trade the butter for something you needed, that you couldn't make.


Cork, where i'm from had 24 hour butter market, it was like Mc Donalds, but a long time ago, in black and white too, they obviously couldn't afford color, if the photos are anything to go by?

Why not .com, you might ask?
I had my thelongacre.blogspot.com domain for about a year and i decided i wanted to get more serious and buy the .com domain and as it turned out, i had been on a trip around Ireland with my ex Diana and the store we went into randomly in Westport, Mayo was thelongacre.com, it's an antiques shop and that was Dianas thing, the antiques, not mine.

Strange, i had been talking to the people in the shop and it was a bit like
'Of all the shops in all the world, i go into that one'
 I haven't been into an antique shop since!

So, i got beaten to thelongacre.com, so thelongacre.net it is!

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